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about chineze 


thanks so much for stopping by to learn more about me!

for starters- my name is chineze (pronounced chee-neh-zeh,) which means God protects in the igbo language.  i'm nigerian-american, and was born i grew up in new york.  since 2021, houston has become my second home! 


starting from my childhood, i’ve always had a passion for documenting stories, and it’s a blessing to be able to pursue that today. 


in my spare time, i can be found taking a long walk, catching up with friends, or trying visiting a local restaurant.

i’m a people person, and trust me, once we get to shooting, we’ll have more than great photos, but a genuine connection with one another.


i’d love to connect with you, and to help you tell your story! 

feel free to send me an email over at

if you have any questions prior to, or after booking a discovery call.

thank you for taking the time to learn more about chinezeslens.

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